Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to my old insulation?

A: Injection foam is installed with your old insulation in place filling all of the voids. There is little mess to your house and no added waste to our landfills.

Q: Is it safe?

​A: It is very safe, with low odor and non toxic material it will add integrity to your walls and it has a Class A fire rating.

​Q: Will it help with sound?

​A: Yes, Injection Foam not only protects your family from the harsh winters, but the material also absorbs sounds. Ideal for town houses or noisy roommates.

Q: What's the R rating?

​A: Injection Foam has a R Value of 4.6 per inch.

2X4 walls R-16
2x6 walls R- 24

Q: Do you have to drill a hole between each stud cavity?

​A: Yes, we drill a 2 inch hole between each stud cavity and afterwards plug the holes with either foam or wood plugs. ​